Clenbuterol is a very interesting and remarkable compound. Clenbuterol is not a steroid hormone but a beta-2-symphatomimetic.



Clenbuterol is a very interesting and remarkable compound. Clenbuterol is not a steroid hormone but a beta-2-symphatomimetic. Clenbuterol, above all, has a strong anticatabolic effect, which means it decreases the rate at which protein is reduced in the muscle cell, consequently causing an enlargement of muscle cells.

HOW TO USE CLENBUTEROL: Numerous athletes use Clenbuterol after steroid treatment to balance the resulting catabolic phase and thus obtain maximum strength and muscle mass. A further aspect of Clenbuterol is its distinct fatburning effect. Clenbuterol burns fat without dieting because it increases the body temperature slightly, forcing the body to burn fat for this process. Due to the higher body temperature Clenbuterol magnifies the effect of anabolic/androgenic steroids taken simultaneously, since the protein processing is increased.

CLENBUTEROL DOSAGE: Athletes usually take 100-140 mcg/day. For women 80-100 mcg/day are usually sufficient, It is important that the athlete begin by taking only one tablet on the first day and then increasing the dosage by one tablet each of the following days until the desired maximum dosage is reached. The compound is usually taken over a period of 8-10 weeks. Since Clenbuterol is not a hormone compound it has no side effects typical of anabolic steroids. For this reason it is also liked by women. Possible side effects of Clenbuterol include restlessness, palpitations, tremor (involuntary trembling of fingers), headache, increased perspiration, insomnia, possible muscle spasms, increased blood pressure, and nausea. Note that these side effects are of a temporary nature and usually subside after 8-10 days, despite continuation of the product.

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