Clomid 50 tabs 50mg

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Clomid 50 tabs 50mg

Clomid is a drug given to women for use as a fertility aid. It is binding to the estrogen receptor and thereby blocking estrogen from doing the same. So it prevents(in men) development of gynecomastia(bitch tits). Clomid is not effective as Nolvadex for that purpose. It stimulates the release of testosterone. Clearly this is advantageous to bodybuilders and athletes coming off of a cycle, and beginning their post-cycle-therapy. What we have in Clomid is essentially a drug that acts as a preventative measure against gynocomastia, as well as a drug that acts to raise natural testosterone levels.

Clomd is much weaker than Nolvadex,150mg of clomid equals 20mg of Nolvadex , but 150mg of Clomd will still raise testosterone levels to approximately 150% of baseline value. You don’t have to use 150mgs a day however,our research shows that 100mg a day for 2-3 weeks is sufficient. Maybe even 100mg for first week and 50mg for second week. For after the any anabolic steroid cycle you should stack Clomid with 20mg of Nolvadex a day separated in 2 doses every 12 hours.

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