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1. Fighter : strenght, size, agressivness 

week no stanblood mg/week TB propionat mg/week turanabol tabs/day
1 100 200 3
2 100 200 3
3 100 200 3
4 100 200 3
5 100 200 3
total 500 mg 1000 mg 100 tabs

This cycle is ment for athletes who predominately participate in martial arts and use weight training only for additional strenght and stamina increases.
Martial arts athletes, specialy full contact ( box, kick box, ultimate fight, mma …) use steroids less then bodybuilders, but do not be fouled steroids are not present, at least with top competition level. Faster recuperation, increase protein synthesis, increased muscle size, increased strenght, endurance, greater tendom flexibilitly are all steroids featurer any athletes including martial artist greatly appretiate.

Theory behind this cycle:
This cycle is desinged for fighters who which to add few pounds of high quality pure muscle tissue, yet do not wish to slow down by gaining too much too fast. This cycle should be used in off season period, when no fights are scheduled for a while. User can expect increased muscle size and sternght, increased endurance without any water retention. Also faster recuperation and faster injury healing can be expected. Increased agressivness may be considered as side effect by some steroids users, but fights use this effect in their advantage and get most out of their bodies both in training and competiton while on steroids. If you must watch your fight and are not allowed to gain even a single pound, but still would like to experience possite effects from steroids use you should consider using our cycle for fighters #2 This cycle is desinged for increased regeneration, strenght and endurance without actual weight increase.

amount : 1 stanblood vial, 1 testblood propionate vial, 100 turanabol tabs
Please note Figher cycle comes with full instructions how to use products correctly, which includes :

  • Proper injecting procedure (shortest and safest method, totaly painless)
  • When to take tabs for best results.
  • Proper diet and training for best size increases.
  • special issues a figher training with weights must be careful about
  • planning next cycle, how long off period to take and do you need any post cycle treatment
  • and that is not all, you are not left in dark with any issues if you buy from us, any question you have our professional bodybuilder and personal trainer will answer within 24h.

This service eats up our competition. You do not need to look anywhere else for suggestions and advices, all in one place. Remember steroids will work well only if you incorporate their use into good training and diet system. Our brochure for cycle is all you need to succeed in your mass gaining efforts.


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