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Detailed description


Has strong anabolic and low androgenic effect

Has a long half-life; 14-15 days

Particularly useful to build lean muscle while minimizing possible hormonal imbalances

Provides slow but steady results

Physical changes and improvements are well maintained post therapy

Helps regeneration process and increases energy

Helps improve the immune system



Will aromatize into estrogens at about 20% of the rate of Testosterone

Minimal water retention is generally experienced

High blood pressure is possible especially at higher doses

Will convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but at a significantly lower rate than that of the testosterone

Has a mild impact on endrogenic testosterone production

Is well tolerated by women in low doses

When prescribed to women at higher doses virilization (masculinization) symptoms may be exhibited

Proper use


Decablood has a long history of use in the athletic community and remains to this day to be one of the most popular basic steroids in the steroid world. The popularity it enjoys stems from the fact that it has a very high anabolic activity and produces significant mass increases with relatively few side effects.

It also produces less water retention, has less effect on blood pressure and is far less toxic to the liver and kidneys than most of its mass building buddies. Another interesting quality is that it has the ability to improve collagen production and enhance bone mineral content. This makes it of particular importance to athletes with connective tissue problems and those who experience joint pains. Of course it would be misleading to present Deca Durabolin as a drug completely free of side effects. When dosages go beyond 400-600mg/week sensitive individuals may see an increase in blood pressure, prolonged bleeding of cuts, increased oil production by the sebaceous gland (leading to slight acne breakouts), increased hostility, increased sex drive and a fall in sperm production. Headaches can also become more frequent. Oh, and of course we cannot overlook the fact that long-term use of this drug by male athletes can lead to impotence (counteracting the increased sex drive experienced when dosages are kept within limits and for acceptable duration). As for female athletes, women can usually get away with a dose of up to 100mg/week without any major problems. However, virilization problems are always a concern when women use any anabolic substance as individual sensitivities differ. In that respect, deepening of the voice, increased body and facial hair growth and hypertrophy of the clitoris are all possible ??? though not inevitable. As with all steroids, diet is very important for effectiveness to be maximized. Protein intake should be high, as should overall calorie intake if significant mass gains are to be experienced.

Deca Durabolin is commonly used in the range of 200 ??? 600 mg/week. Going past 600mg is not really advised (of course there are always going to be reports of bodybuilders hitting 800mg/week). Most male athletes experience good results by taking 400mg/week and, if large gains in muscle mass are the primary goal then stacking with Dianabol and Testosterone is not unknown. For female athletes 50-100mg/week is the commonly used dose and this is often combined with Winstrol tablets or Primobolan tablets. In conclusion, Deca Durabolin is often used where problems with testosterone use have been encountered. It is less prone to aromatization and is deemed to produce an overall sense of well being. One word of warning for those intending participating in drug tested events though, metabolites of this drug last in the body for 18 months (and possibly longer depending on body fat levels during use) so it should not be used if a drug tested contest is in the foreseeable future.


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